Recordings of Events

We are increasingly able to record our events for the benefit of those unable to attend. Such recordings are made available on our YouTube channel or the sites of partner organisations, but they are also catalogued here for convenience.

53rd Spring Symposium, 2021

The 53rd SPBS Spring Symposium, was held in March 2021, on the them ‘Nature and the Environment’. The symposium was originally organised by Dr Ruth Macrides for 2020, but was held in her memory in 2021 by organisers Prof. Leslie Brubaker and Dr Daniel Reynolds.

Dr Dimitra Kotoula, ‘A Piece of Nature’: Arts & Crafts Perceptions of Nature and the Byzantine Monument

Keynote lecture on 27 March 2021.

Dr Thomas Arentzen, Trees with an Attitude

Tributes to Ruth Macrides

The second session of the Symposium was dedicated to tributes to the original symposiarch, Ruth Juliana Macrides, who sadly and unexpectedly died after planning the Symposium but before it occurred. The tributes were delivered by her former students from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham, and colleagues in the SPBS, with which Ruth had strong and long-term links.

SPBS Spring Lecture 2019

Dr Ruth Macrides, The Scottish connection in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Lecture given at the British School at Athens, Upper House on 9 May 2018; this lecture was substantially repeated as ‘Byzantium and Modern Greece in Scotland’, the SPBS Spring Lecture 2019. We thank the British School at Athens for providing access to this recording.

Ruth Macrides, “The Scottish connection in Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies”

SPBS Autumn Lecture 2015

Dr James Howard-Johnston, Byzantium’s First Encounter with the Turks

Presented on 5 November in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, King’s College London.