Studying Byzantium

Taught Courses

There are a number of postgraduate courses in Byzantine studies offered by UK universities. At undergraduate level, opportunities to study Byzantium may often be found as modules in more general degrees such as history, art history, classics, theology and archaeology. Regrettably it is impossible to keep track of these accurately as available modules tend to change from year to year and university websites appear to be restructured almost as frequently. It is recommended that individuals seeking undergraduate courses in Byzantium explore the websites of institutions offering Byzantine postgraduate studies, or contact them directly, as these are the most likely to teach Byzantine topics.


SPBS members engage in a wide range of intellectual investigations, many of which are recorded in the annual issues of BBBS.


An extremely important research element is formed by students’ MA and PhD theses. Students and their supervisors are encouraged to report both the commencement and the completion of theses, and to provide an abstract of the finished work. Again these are reported annually in BBBS.


There are few research fellowships specifically for those working in Byzantine Studies, with Dumbarton Oaks and the Hellenic Programme at Princeton being the main examples. However the following offer opportunities: