The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (SPBS) was established in 1983, with the object of furthering study and knowledge of the history and culture, language and literature of the Byzantine Empire and its neighbours.

Its scope is wide, covering history, archaeology, art history, philology, theology and literary studies, and embraces all the language areas formerly within the Byzantine Empire – Syriac, Armenian, Arabic and Slavic, as well as Greek and Latin.

The Society’s world-wide membership is drawn from the interested public as well as practising academics: no professional qualifications are required. The executive of the SPBS also serves as the UK National Committee of the Association Internationale des Études Byzantines (AIEB).

Latest News

Turkish Solidarity Fund

The SPBS is pleased to announce that additional funds have been made available to support the attendance of Turkish postgraduate students and early career researchers at the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Venice-Padua, 22-27 August 2022. The Turkish Solidarity Fund was initiated after the unforeseen move of the International Byzantine Congress from Istanbul to …