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Some of our public lectures have been recorded and are available for viewing online:

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  • Byzantium & Friends – a regular podcast, hosted by Prof. Anthony Kaldellis, which focuses on new developments in the world of Byzantine Studies.
  • Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Podcast – a short series of podcasts, discussing the impact on Byzantine Studies of texts from outside the field.
  • The History of Byzantium – an ongoing podcast telling the story of Byzantium 476-1453.
  • Βυζάντιο explained – an academic podcast with episodes in Greek and English, which discusses aspects of Byzantine History, celebrates new publications and promotes Byzantine Studies.

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Other Research Resources

  • – the ‘Facebook’ of academia. Many Byzantinists make academic papers available on this site for public download.
  • Archives Hub – search across a wealth of archives held in nearly 200 UK institutions, including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
  • Copac – free access to the merged catalogues of many University, Specialist and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library, National Library of Scotland and National Library of Wales.