Spring Symposium

The Spring Symposium is the annual highlight of the SPBS calendar and witnesses a gathering of Byzantinists from around the globe. These gatherings began, on a much more modest scale, in 1967 and have continued every year since, the only exception being 2006 when the XXIst International Congress of Byzantine Studies – held that year in London – took its place.


Date ThemeLocationSymposiarch(s)
55th13 - 15 April 2024Justice in ByzantiumCanterbury, University of KentLaura Franco and Anne Alwis
54th17-19 March 2023Material Religion in Byzantium and BeyondUniversity of Oxford, Corpus Christi CollegeIne Jacobs, Jaś Elsner and Julia Smith
53rd27-29 March 2021Nature and the EnvironmentUniversity of BirminghamLeslie Brubaker and Daniel Reynolds
52nd30 March-1 April 2019Blood in ByzantiumUniversity of CambridgePeter Sarris
51st13-15 April 2018The Post-1204 Byzantine World: New Approaches and Novel DirectionsUniversity of EdinburghNiels Gaul
50th25-27 March 2017Global Byzantium University of BirminghamLeslie Brubaker, Daniel Reynolds and Rebecca Darley
49th18-20 March 2016Inscribing Texts in Byzantium: continuities and transformations University of OxfordMarc Lauxtermann and Ida Toth
48th28-30 March 2015Whose Mediterranean is it anyway? Cross-cultural interaction between Byzantium and the West 1204–1669 Open University, Milton KeynesAngeliki Lymberopoulou
47th25-27 April 2014The Emperor in the Byzantine World University of CardiffShaun Tougher
46th23-25 March 2013Byzantine Greece: Microcosm of Empire? University of BirminghamArchie Dunn
45th24-26 March 2012Being in Between: Byzantium in the Eleventh Century University of OxfordMarc D. Lauxtermann and Mark Whittow
44th8-11 April 2011Experiencing Byzantium University of NewcastleClaire Nesbitt and Mark Jackson
43rd27-29 March 2010Byzantium behind the Scenes: Power and Subversion University of BirminghamDimiter Angelov and Michael Saxby
42nd20-22 March 2009‘Wonderful Things’: Byzantium through its Art Courtauld Institute of ArtAntony Eastmond and Liz James
41st4-6 April 2008 The Archaeologies of Byzantium University of EdinburghJim Crow
40th13-16 April 2007Byzantine History as Literature University of BirminghamRuth Macrides
39th2-4 April 2005Performance Indicators Queen’s University, BelfastMargaret Mullett
38thMarch 2004Byzantine Trade 4th-12th CenturiesUniversity of OxfordMarlia Mundell Mango
37th29-31 March 2003 Eat Drink and be Merry (Luke 12:19): Food and Wine in Byzantium University of BirminghamLeslie Brubaker and Kallirroe Linardou
36th23-25 March 2002Was Byzantium Orthodox? University of DurhamAndrew Louth and Augustine Casiday
35thMarch 2001Rhetoric in ByzantiumUniversity of OxfordElizabeth Jeffreys
34th1-4 April 2000Travel in the Byzantine World University of BirminghamRuth Macrides
33rd27-29 March 1999Eastern Approaches to ByzantiumUniversity of WarwickAntony Eastmond
32ndMarch 1998Strangers to Themselves: the Byzantine Outsider University of SussexDion C. Smythe
31stMarch 1997Desire and Denial in Byzantium University of SussexLiz James
30th23-26 March 1996Byzantine in the Ninth Century: Dead or alive? University of BirminghamLeslie Brubaker
29thMarch 1995Through the Looking Glass: Byzantium through British Eyes University of LondonRobin Cormack and Elizabeth Jeffreys
28th26-29 March 1994Mount Athos and Byzantine Monasticism University of BirminghamAnthony Bryer and Mary Cunningham
27thApril 1993Constantinople and its HinterlandUniversity of OxfordCyril Mango and Geoffrey Greatrex
26th1992New Constantines: the rhythm of Imperial Renewal in Byzantium, 4th-13th centuriesUniversity of St AndrewsPaul Magdalino
25th25-28 March 1991The Sweet land of Cyprus University of BirminghamA.A.M. Bryer and G.S. Georghallides
24thMarch 1990Byzantine Diplomacy University of CambridgeJonathan Shepard and Simon Franklin
23rd18-21 March 1989Salonica, the second city University of Birmingham
22nd1988Latins and Greeks in the Aegean World after 1204 University of NottinghamBenjamin Arbel, Bernard Hamilton, David Jacoby
21st1987The Byzantine Eye: Word and Perception University of Birmingham
20th1986Church and People in Byzantium University of ManchesterRosemary Morris
19thMarch 1985Manzikert to Lepanto: The Byzantine world and the Turks 1071-1571 University of BirminghamAnthony Bryer and Michael Ursinus
18th30 April-1 May 1984Byzantium and the West c.850–c.1200 University of OxfordJames D. Howard-Johnston
17thMarch 1983Life and Death in Byzantium University of Birmingham
16th1982The Byzantine Aristocracy University of BirminghamMichael Angold
15th1981Byzantium and the Slavs University of Birmingham
14th1980The Byzantine Saint University of BirminghamSergei Hackel
13th1979Byzantium and the Classical TraditionUniversity of BirminghamMargaret Mullett and Roger Scott
12th18-20 March 1978The Byzantine Black Sea University of BirminghamAnthony Bryer
11th19-22 March 1977The Two Shining Lights: Islam and Christendom: Empire, Caliphate and CrusadesUniversity of Birmingham
10th20-22 March 1976The Byzantine Underworld: Heroic Poetry and Popular Tradition University of Birmingham
9th22-24 March 1975IconoclasmUniversity of Birmingham
8th1974Byzantine Society and Economy University of BirminghamAnthony Bryer and Judith Herrin
7th1973Byzantine Literature and Art University of Birmingham
6th1972Byzantium and the East University of Birmingham
5th1971Asceticism in the Early Byzantine WorldUniversity of Birmingham
4th1970The Roman Empire in the East: Constantine to JustinianUniversity of Birmingham
3rd1969The TourkokratiaUniversity of Birmingham
2nd1968Byzantium 976–1261University of Birmingham
1st1967Byzantium and EuropeUniversity of Birmingham