Previous Awards


Conference Organisation

Nick Evans:
Byzantine Worlds Research Network Seminars 2019-2020 (University of Cambridge)


Conference Organisation

Dr Mihail Mitrea:
£500 for the conference Mapping the Sacred in Byzantium: Construction, Experience and Representation (Newcastle University)


Conference Organisation

Constanta Burlacu:
£200 for the 20th Conference of the Oxford University Byzantine Society

Mark Huggins:
£200 for the 2nd International Postgraduate Conference in Byzantine Studies at Edinburgh University

Emanuele Intagliata:
£400 for the conference Constructing City Walls in late Antiquity (3rd – 7th c.): an Empire-wide Perspective (British School at Rome)

Joseph Parsonage and Alistair Davidson:
£300 for The Late Antique and Medieval Dynasties Workshop (University of Birmingham)

Dr Maroula Perisanidi:
£250 for the conference Marginalisation from Rome to Byzantium: Methods, Patterns, and Perspectives (British School at Rome)

Flavia Vanni:
£150 for Hurt and healing: people, texts, and material culture in the Eastern Mediterranean (University of Birmingham)

Leeds IMC Panel

Akιşιk-Karakullukçu, Annika Asp and Dr Anna Calia:
£500 for the panel Remembering Constantinople in the fifteenth century

Spring Symposium Attendance

No Spring Symposium grants were awarded during 2018.