The 54th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

Material Religion in Byzantium and Beyond

18-20 March 2022, Corpus Christi College & All Souls College, Oxford

The 54th Annual Spring Symposium in Byzantine Studies will be held in Oxford on the theme of Material Religion in Byzantium and Beyond. The Symposium brings together Byzantine studies with a series of innovative approaches to the material nature and realities of religion – foregrounding the methodological, historical and archaeological problems of studying religion through visual and material culture. Taking a broad geographical and chronological view of the Byzantine world, the Symposium will range across Afro-Eurasia and from Antiquity to the period after the fall of Constantinople. Sessions will be arranged around the themes of ‘Objects in motion’, ‘Religion in 3D’, ‘Religious landscapes’, ‘Things without context’, ‘Things and their context’ and ‘Spatial approaches to religion’.

Confirmed speakers include: Birgit Meyer, Anne Lester, Paroma Chatterjee, David Frankfurter, Myrto Veikou, Troels M. Kristensen, Beate Fricke, Béatrice Caseau, Anne-Marie Yasin, Francesca Dell’Acqua, Peter Frankopan.

The main sessions of the Symposium and the reception will be held at Corpus Christi College, with Free Communications and a dinner at All Souls College.

Fees and registration:
Full: £120
Members of the SPBS: £100
Students/Unwaged: £60

The fees for one-day registration are: Full: £60; Members of the SPBS: £50; Students/Unwaged: £30.

A booking form will soon be available online, on the symposium website, with further details of registration and payment.

Jaś Elsner, Ine Jacobs, Julia Smith