Historical Expertise Needed for Board Game Project “Echoes of Emperors”

On behalf of Volcaban Studio, a budding game company based in Belgium.

We are currently working on a project titled Echoes of Emperors and are in search of an expert in in Byzantine history with insights into military tactics, cultural aspects, and the way of life during that time.

Echoes of Emperors is a board game where players can choose to play as one of four civilizations to build their empire and defeat opponents. Each civilization comes with its own deck of cards, and one of our primary objectives is to ensure historical accuracy in these decks to offer players insights into medieval history.

The specific deck we would appreciate the assistance of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies with is the Byzantine deck set in the period of Emperor Basill II. To review these cards, we would like to arrange a brief 30-60 minute video call where we can go over all the cards and fact-check the flavor text.