25th International Congress of Byzantine Studies

In anticipation of the 25th International Congress of Byzantine Studies (‘Byzantium beyond Byzantium’, Vienna 2026), the organising committee has distributed some preliminary information (attached). We would like to draw your attention to the rules for Round Tables, as the deadline for proposals is this year. All proposals must be submitted through the relevant National Committees:

1. Round Tables must be proposed through the National Committee of the proposer. There is also the option of joint proposals by more than one National Committee.
2. Round Tables are allocated 90 minutes. They should consist of no fewer than four and no more than six speakers, plus the convener(s), in order to ensure adequate time for discussion.
3. The professional affiliation of the speakers should represent at least two countries. We particularly encourage the inclusion of young researchers.
4. We strongly encourage those who propose Round Tables to follow the Congress main theme.
5. The most important criterion for accepting a Round Table proposal will be its innovative scholarly contribution.
6. The number of proposals, including joint proposals by each National Committee is limited to ten.
7. Proposals should include a title, an abstract of 250 words, 5 key words, the names of the convener(s) and speakers as well as the name of the person sending the proposal, his/her affiliated institution and his/her mail address.
8. Proposals should be written in English or French.

If you would like to propose a Round Table session, please send your proposal to the Secretary, Anna Kelley (ack20@st-andrews.ac.uk) no later than 1 November 2023. All proposals will be considered at a meeting of the SPBS Executive Committee and successful applications will be sent to the organisers in Vienna.

Vienna Congress 1st Circular (PDF)