Conference: Byzantine Missions: Meaning, Nature, and Extent

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington D.C., USA, 24-25 April 2020

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Though closely connected with the study of conversion and Christianization in the premodern era, the history of Christian missions has received little attention in recent scholarship. The recipients of Christian faith—individuals, nations, or social groups—and the processes of integrating the new religion have continued to attract analysis, but the agents of religious transformation have been relatively understudied, especially beyond the boundaries of medieval western Europe.

The symposium aims to illumine the inner motifs that characterized Byzantine missions, the changing incentives that inspired their missionizing, and the nature of their missionary activity; and ultimately to better understand how they perceived the universal claim of their empire and their church. At the same time, we hope to throw light on the broader religious dynamics of the medieval world.

Symposiarchs: Sergey Ivanov (National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow) and Andrea Sterk (University of Minnesota)

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