By joining the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies, you will become part of a dynamic group of people (both professional and lay) who actively support the field of Byzantine Studies both in the UK and abroad.

An annual Spring Symposium offers the chance to meet others and to exchange ideas, whilst various regional events provide further opportunities for social contact and scholarly exchange.

As a member of the Society, you will have a chance to inform others of your current research and publications, both in the printed Bulletin of Byzantine Studies, which is published annually in March and on the website, which is updated regularly. All members receive the Society’s Autumn Newsletter and the Bulletin, as well as other circulars informing them of forthcoming events and conferences. An ongoing relationship with Ashgate Publishing Ltd. allows the Society to offer exclusive discounts to members on the successive Spring Symposia series of publications on various themes. Members are also entitled to subscribe to the journal Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (BMGS) at a discounted rate. See the Member Offers page for further details.

The Society is a registered charity and all members should also be aware that they are contributing by means of their subscriptions to a number of small grants and travel bursaries which are allocated to deserving students and other individuals engaged in Byzantine research.

It should be noted that members of SPBS planned the XXIst International Congress of Byzantine Studies which was held in London in August 2006.

Who can join SPBS?

Membership is open to all who support the aims of the society and want to join our community of Byzantinists.

Membership fee

Standard membership of the society costs £20 p.a. (£10 students)

Life membership is also available at £100 (for age over 65)


You can join online with PayPal.

Or you can join offline by filling in the membership form.