Oxford Seminars (Art and Archaeology)

The Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar

A weekly seminar held on Fridays at 11-12:30 in The Ioannou Centre, First Floor Seminar Room.


Michaelmas Term 2017

14 October: Hugh Jeffery

The Triconch Church at Aphrodisias: Architecture and Embellishment AD 500–1250

19 October: Ekaterine Gedevanishvili

Cult and Image of St. George in Medieval Georgian Art

26 October: Rowena Loverance

A Sculptor and His Workshop in 11th-Century Greece

2 November: Irina Demetradze

Defining Urban Space: Archaeology and Topography of Mtskheta

9 November: Stefan Faust

Fun with Achilles. Late Roman Perspectives on the Life of a Greek Hero

16 November: Theocharis Tsampouras

"Painted in Dire Times": Artists and Patrons Coping with Financial Changes in the Late Byzantine and Ottoman Balkans

23 November: Grace Stafford

Literary and Material Evidence for Early Christian Female Pilgrimage

30 November: Irene Giviashvili

Ishkani, A Medieval Georgian Church in Northeast Turkey: Modern Restoration, New Finding


Hilary Term

18 January: Vera Tchentsova (Oxford)

Greek painters in Kyiv at the time of the orthodox renewal

25 January: Suna Çagaptay (Cambridge/Istanbul)

Water nymphs and the Kolymbos: The Laskarid Palace at Nymphaion revisited

1 February: Adam Bollok (Oxford)

Mortuary display and the burial of the rich in the late antique Eastern Mediterranean

8 February: Panagiotis Doukelis (Athens)

Between ideology and utopia: urban space and landscape in Libanios' Antiochikos

15 February: Lukasz Sokolowski (Warsaw)

Canon or dynamics? Some reflections on the origin and development of funerary portrait reliefs from Palmyra

22 February: Rachele Ricceri (Ghent):

See the beauty of these writings: visual elements of Byzantine book epigrams 

1 March: Brigitte Pitarakis (Paris)

Religious and domestic rituals with water and copper alloy vessels

8 March: Nektarios Zarras (Münster)

Middle Byzantine dedicatory inscriptions from Macedonia. New insights into patronage: authority, identity and space


Conveners: Foteini Spingou and Ine Jacobs