Birmingham Seminars

University of Birmingham: Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies


The Centre’s General Seminar normally meets in the Whitting Room (436), 4th floor, Arts Building on Thursdays at 5.15pm, unless otherwise stated and is open to all interested in the related concerns of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies.

The full CBOMGS seminar card is also available for download here.

Autumn Term 2017


5 October                Students of the Centre

                                   Travellers' Tales           

12 October              Marek Jankowiak (Birmingham)

                                   Reading the Acts of the Sixth Ecumenical Council (680-1)

19 October              Ine Jacobs (Oxford)

                                   Old statues, new meanings. Literary and archaeological
                                   evidence for Christian re-interpretation of classical statuary

26 October              Daniel Knight (St Andrews)

                                   History, time, and economic crisis in Central Greece

9 November            Mihail Mitrea (Edinburgh and Nottingham)

                                   'Glorified from heaven above'. The miraculous as a legitimizing
                                   device in Philotheos Kokkinos' vitae of contemporary saints

16 November          David Holton (Cambridge)

                                   The Cypriot Canzoniere and Italian Renaissance music

23 November          Mabi Angar (Cologne)

                                   'This land is your land'. The Genoese settlement Pera
                                   (Galata) at the Golden Horn and the delimitation treaties of 1303 and 1304

30 November          Natalie Martin (Nottingham)

                                   Turkey and liberal democracy? Authoritarian drift since 2007


Spring Term 2018


11 January              Daniel Reynolds (Birmingham)

                                   Riding the currents of power: the Patriarchate of Jerusalem from Antiquity to the Crusades

18 January              Helen Pfeifer  (Cambridge)

                                   Who's who in sixteenth-century Ottoman Istanbul

25 January              Michael Heslop (London)

                                   Villehardouin's castle of Grand Magne (Megali Maini):
                                   a re-assessment of the evidence for its location

1 February               Christopher Markiewicz (Birmingham)

                                   The Ottoman canon of historical writing and writing the history of Kanun in the sixteenth century

8 February               Nicholas Evans (Oxford)

                                   Scale-making projects: Byzantium and the Christian communities of Khazaria

22 February             John-Paul Ghobrial (Oxford)

                                   Between Mosul and Rome: the Church of the East in the seventeenth century

1 March                    Cancelled

8 March                    Maria Vrij (Birmingham)

                                   'Apodote oun ta Kaisaros Kaisari kai ta tou Theou to Theo':
                                   Justinian II, the image of Christ and taxation

15 March                 Cancelled

22 March                 Lydia Papadimitriou (Liverpool)

                                   Greek cinema as European cinema: co-productions, film festivals and the Weird Wave